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Benny From Da Bronx

Listen to imaginary comic Benny From Da Bronx joke about the Red Soxs.
Download it in MP3 format here:

Download benny_bronx.mp3


Bleacher Creature MP3 Song

I was playing around again this evening and came up with another song to pay tribute to the Bleacher Creatures out there in Yankee Stadium.
Download Bleacher Creature MP3 Song:
Download creature.mp3

Here are the crazy lyrics:

You got Gary Sheffield and he’s out in right
Don’t swat him in da head or there’s sure to be a fight

So leave him alone and count ten steps
Johnny D’s in center, gonna represent

So snap away and move to the left
Godzilla’s blowing fire from his chest

And be very careful as you move around
A-Rod’s at third but he’s diving on da ground

For all the line drives and the screaming heaters
And he’s backed up at short by Derek Jeter

Admire the golden glove and move to second base
Robinson Cano’s the rookie with the fresh face

Pat him on da back and now you’re on first
Giambi is da man that brings the big hurt

Mr. Mouse Solo:

Wigga, wigga, wigga wait a minute!
This is my house, this is my house!

And you can call me Mr. Mouse…

The Original – Bleacher Creature…

And the next time you see me
Throw me some cheese please

Peace out.