Giants of the Little League

Here is a story I started to write about the game we all love.

(I will post more).



Once there were three little
boys that loved the game of baseball.

Their fathers were all best
friends and the little boys oddly enough were all in their “Terrible Two’s” –
the point in their childhood life when they were supposed to turn into

No, they didn’t turn into
monsters – but let’s not get ahead of the story.

The first little boy’s name
was Ruth and he was bestowed his name by his father who loved the New York
Yankees and their famous slugger Babe Ruth – The Bambino – The Sultan of Swat –
The Colossus of Clout.

Ruth would be embarrassed by
his name later in his life, but at the tender age of two and with a big iron-on
number three blazoning his chubby little t-shirt, nobody made fun of him.

The second little boy’s name
was Ty and as you probably already guessed, his father was a huge Detroit
Tigers fan and named him after the mighty Ty Cobb – “The Georgia Peach.”

Ty had a quiet demeanor to
him but like the real Ty Cobb he had the uncanny ability to slide – he would
slide off his high chair, he would slide right out of his car seat, and he
would even slide down the stairs with his baby blanket and laugh.

The third little boy’s name
was Jackie and his father had named him after his favorite Brooklyn Dodger, Jackie
Robinson.  The real Jackie Robinson
subsequently didn’t have a nickname.

Little Jackie was fast at
everything and he had just learned to pronounce his name, “J-A-C-K-I-E
W-O-B-I-N-S-O-N,” even though his real last name was Howard. 

Jackie’s father would tuck
the little tyke into his bed and would routinely coo the kid to sleep with an
old record album by Buddy Johnson that went something like this: 

Did you see Jackie
Robinson hit that ball? 

It went zoomin cross the
left field wall. 

Yeah boy, yes, yes. Jackie
hit that ball.


And when he swung his bat,

the crowd went wild, 

because he knocked that
ball a solid mile. 

Yeah boy, yes, yes. Jackie
hit that ball…

Little Jackie never made it to the end of the song because right after the second verse, he was out for the count. “Counting ballpark peanut shells.”


Here is a link to an audio version of this entry:



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