Captain Crunch vs. Coco’s Crispies

CAPTAIN CRUNCH vs COCO’s CRISPIES (aka Cocoa Rice Krispies)


With Captain Crunch, you get more crunch for the buck.
With Coco’s Crispies, you just end up with a bunch of soggy rice kernels and some dirty looking milk in the end.

Captain Crunch has his own Cereal label.
Coco’s Crispies are just a bunch of sorry boy band wannabes.

Captain Crunch’s tagline is “The One. The Only. The Original.”
Coco’s Crispies tagline is “They Snap, Crackle and Pop!”

The mascot for Captain Crunch has never changed, it’s always been Captain Crunch.
The mascot for Coco’s Crispies started with Snap Crackle and Pop then switched to a monkey named Coco who wore a blue cap and spoke with an Aussie accent.

Obviously Captain Crunch is a captain.
Coco’s Crispies are a bunch of short earred elves.

To be continued…



  1. Gabriel

    Hi There,

    I composited them in Photoshop. I dug around the Internet for the individual elements and added the player faces to them.


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