Manny Being Manny (at Casa de Popeyes)!!!


Manny Ramirez has just been spotted in Florida leaving his secret training facility, where he is said to be trying desperately to “bulk up” for the 2006 season.

The popular chicken and biscuit franchise Popeyes Chicken and the Boston Red Sox organization have joined forces to try and come up with a nutritional menu suited to Manny’s eating preferences.

The Red Sox training staff discovered that the normal food additives present in Popeyes mild and spicy chicken recipes were natural performance enhancers and immediately opened up a secret performance training lab at the popular chicken and biscuit franchise.

So if you are wondering where Manny Ramirez is, he’s at Popeyes and he won’t be showing up to Red Sox spring training in Ft. Myers until March 1st or until his meat thermometer pops.



  1. Gabriel

    What’s Up Brett!

    Almost time for some real baseball huh.

    I guess they know my face in Beantown so I better not go there anytime soon.

    Go Yanks in New England!


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